Hearing a Squirrel in Your Grand Prairie Attic? Simple Steps to Take Now to Drive Them Out!

One of the very first signs of Grand Prairie wildlife infestation would be the noises. Usually, the nuisance creatures that will invade our homes are nocturnal creatures except for the squirrels. In case you are hearing the scampering noise in your attic during the day, then you are probably dealing with an active squirrel infestation. Once they are in our attic, they can chew our electrical wires that may lead to fire, they can also gnaw on the water pipes that may cause leak and water damages.

Effective Ways to Drive Away the Squirrels in Our Attic

Once the squirrel made it in our Texas attic, getting them out of the attic would be a challenge. Some people will use repellents to conveniently get rid of the squirrel but there is no way to determine the efficacy of these products. Perhaps the only effective way to deal with your problem is to block their entry holes and trap them inside the attic.

Using Exclusion Devices

When you are using exclusion funnels, you will start by sealing your attic. You will need to patch the holes and seal the gaps that are large enough for the squirrels to use as entry point. Cover your vents with hardware cloth or wire mesh. You will need to seal your chimney either by using wire mesh or chimney cap. The chewed holes in your walls can be covered with caulking materials. Leave a hole where you will install the exclusion device. This will serve as an exit for the squirrel. You may also draw the attention of the squirrel towards the exclusion funnel by placing a reward close to the narrow mouth of the exclusion device.

Trapping Method

Another effective method to get the squirrel out of the Texas attic is to use trapping device. We encourage you to use only the live traps that will allow you to capture the squirrel without harming them. Make sure that you will check the trap regularly to guarantee that the squirrel will not be trapped for an extended period. In case you can't check the trap periodically, there should be at least enough food and water inside the trap to prevent them from dying due to starvation and dehydration. Placement of the trap is crucial. It should be positioned near their den or their path. You should also choose the proper bait that will draw their interest.

Using Repellents

The use of repellents may or may not produce desirable result depending on your situation. Spray repellent will need multiple reapplications to ensure that the scent will continue to deter the senses of the squirrels. Ultrasonic devices are not recommended since we cannot vouch for the effectiveness of these devices. The better solution would be to place a radio in your attic and tune in to the talk station. Remember that the squirrels will eventually adapt on these repellents. You will have to find another option that will deliver a long-term solution.

In the event that none of these methods work, you should contact the service of the Grand Prairie pros that will help you identify the root cause of your problem. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they can provide you a range of solutions that will ultimately deal with your infestation problem.

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