Found an Orphaned Texas Opossum? Essential Steps to Take Now to Ensure it Survives!

For the orphaned Grand Prairie baby opossum, dehydration and chilling can lead to a disaster. It is imperative that they will be able to maintain their ideal body temperature. There are simple ways that you can do this but you shouldn't carelessly handle the small creature especially if they appear lethargic. You simply have to monitor their movements and give the mother opossum the chance to retrieve the baby.

Things You Should Do In Case You Encountered an Orphaned Baby Opossum

Once you are sure that the Texas baby has been abandoned by the mother opossum, you will need to look for any signs of disease and injury. In case there is a medical situation that requires immediate attention, you will have to take them to the veterinarian immediately. You should also call the wildlife rehabilitators who are better equipped to deal with this situation.

Regulating Their Body Temperature

It is very essential to keep their body warm in a gentle manner. Perhaps the easiest method is to wrap them in a Grand Prairie towel and hold the creature close to your body. However, this may exposed you to possible diseases that they may carry. A good alternative would be to place them in a cardboard box and use a heating pad. In the absence of the heating pad, you may use a bottle and fill it up with warm water. Wrap the bottle with the cloth before placing it inside the cardboard box. Replace the content of the bottle periodically. You should prevent the opossum from directly contacting with the source of heat.

Keep Them Hydrated

The Texas baby opossum should also stay hydrated to survive. Keeping them hydrated is an intricate process that should only be performed by people who have experience and skills. A slight mistake can prove to be fatal to these fragile creatures. Never use formula milk when feeding them, Pedialyte would be a more recommended solution. You can also mix an equal portion of sugar and salt and combine it with water. Use syringe when feeding them. A few drops would be enough to keep them alive.

Stimulate them to Eliminate

The baby opossums are just like the other infant Texas mammals. Their genitals will have to be stimulated to help them eliminate their body waste. After rehydrating them, use a cotton ball to stimulate the genitals of the young possum. You do not want them to die due to ruptured bladder. Continue doing this until they successful emptied their bladder.

In case you encountered a baby opossum that is old enough to survive on their own, you may provide them with a Grand Prairie fluid to help them stay hydrated. You should not forcefully feed them since they can accidentally inhale the fluid. They can die if the fluid entered their lungs. You should not wait until the baby opossum is too sick before you seek the assistance of the experts. Act immediately to increase the chance of the baby opossum to survive.

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