Cleanest Ways to Remove a Grand Prairie Dead Pigeon - Protect Your Health!

No one wants to deal with the carcass of the Grand Prairie dead pigeon. However, it will not be uncommon for them to die from illness, the attack of the predators, or your inhumane exclusion method. The appropriate removal of the dead pigeon will be able to minimize the negative effects such as the transmission of the diseases. In this article, we will discuss the proper ways on how you can deal with the proper disposal of the dead pigeon.

Proper Ways to Find and Remove the Dead Body of the Pigeon

The dead pigeon can normally be found close to the bird feeder or in the common roosting areas such as the ledges in your Texas windows. The place of their death will also give you a hint on the cause of their death. For instance, finding their body close to the windows will tell you that they probably died due to window collision. If there are wounds in their body, this may be due to the attack of the predator. After finding the dead body, it is now time to dispose them properly.

Remain Protected

When dealing with the dead pigeon, you will have to protect yourself from the diseases that they carry by wearing gloves. Their dead body may contain mites, pathogens, and other parasites that can be transferred to humans. The disposable type of gloves would be the better choice. Avoid using the same type of gloves that you will use when you handle the seed and clean the feeders.

Using the Right Tools

When moving the Grand Prairie birds, you can use a shovel or a rake. Make sure that you will still wear gloves when doing this. You should never touch the body of the bird physically even if you are wearing gloves. You may also use a piece of old towel or newspaper when picking the dead body. This will serve as an additional barrier. 

Disposing the Pigeon

After collecting the dead body of the Texas pigeon, you should dispose it inside a plastic bag. In case this is not accessible, you should wrap the body in a layer of newspaper before placing it inside the cardboard box. You can also use a rag but the rag should be disposed together with the dead body. Make sure that the body will not be exposed to the predators such as your cat. Use a packing tape to seal the cardboard box completely.

Cleaning the Area

When using a solution that you will use to decontaminate the area, you can mix 1 part of bleach to the 9 parts of water. In case the infestation is too severe, you should try to dispose the patch of soil where you found the dead pigeon. You may also pour the cleaning solution directly on the ground. It will probably kill the grass but also the bacteria that hides underneath.

Finally, you should wash your hands thoroughly after you handled the Grand Prairie dead pigeon. Be generous with the hand sanitizer that you will use.

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